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New Video Tomorrow

Tomorrow (3/10) is a very special day for me. I will celebrate my 5,000th consecutive day of wearing pajama pants as my public attire. To commemorate the occasion, we will be releasing my brand new music video “All Day”. Spread the word…and wear your jammies…

All Day Newspaper

Muck Sticky in bed recording his 18th album "Wacky"

Muck Sticky in bed recording his 18th album “Wacky”

They say artists should be comfortable when they make an album, but Muck Sticky is doing that in a way no artist has done before by recording his entire 18th album “Wacky” in bed. Not just in a bedroom, but IN BED!

Known for holding the world record for wearing pajama pants as his public attire for more than 4,891 consecutive days (as of 11/15/15), Muck is determined to remain in control of his career. And he is able to do so with his massive fan base known as “the tribe” backing him. With over 1,500 copies of “Wacky” pre-sold already, and still more than six weeks until the 1/1/16 public release date, it looks like Muck Sticky will continue making music the way he wants to without ever needing any label support. And that’s just fine by him.

“As long as my fans continue to support the music and videos I make, I will continue making music and videos the way I want to make them. I don’t make music for the music industry folks. I make music for myself, and for real people in the real world. And I am choosing to do that on this new album in the place where I am most comfortable. In bed.” To pre-order “Wacky”, visit

Hats Are On The Way

Thank you sooooo much to everyone who contributed to our campaign before the deadline! The initial phase of the campaign is now over, and we are officially “in demand” at 168% funded. With your help we reached the $20k mark in the last hour of the campaign live on our Facebook webchat. And as we hoped, we are going to have Muck Sticky orange top hats made!!! The perk is now available at and you can reserve yours today! Enjoy!

Muck Sticky hat with logo

We have a brand new Muckhead shirt in orange on the way, and you can reserve yours now by clicking the picture below to visit the “store” page at ONLY 42 MADE in sizes SM-5X…

Orange Muckhead

Muck Sticky Reaches Goal Three Weeks Early, Releases Pajama Pants

Without any label, management, agent, or publicist support, after fifteen years and fifteen albums, comedic musician Muck Sticky is on the verge of having his first ever charting album with his eighteenth independent release “Wacky!”. On the heels of his most recent album “Dang!” (released 5/15/15 through Indie GoGo), Muck recently expressed his contempt for the corporate music industry by releasing the Sling Blade parody short film “I Call It A Gitbox” on his YouTube channel. Now he is on a mission to show the world that musicians everywhere can have successful careers without having to rely on record labels. And he is doing it by dealing directly with the fans and having them act as his “public record label”. By opening up a public phone number for fans to call him (805-500-MUCK), and by using Facebook Mention’s app to live webcast each night and chat with his fans around the world, Muck Sticky is becoming the most fan-interactive artist of all time.

When Muck Sticky launched the Indie GoGo campaign for his eighteenth musical comedy album “Wacky!” back in August, he knew it would be successful because his fans support everything he releases. But he had no idea they would help him sail past his goal three weeks ahead of the deadline. By reserving his albums on Indie GoGo, the fans give Muck the budget to make his albums on the front end, instead of him going into major debt with record label and having to recoup the recording budget from album sales after the release. When Muck finishes the album, the fans get a return on their investment by receiving limited edition signed/numbered CDs. And in a rapidly declining industry where album sales are plummeting, Muck Sticky’s album sales are exponentially rising.

This latest campaign has already doubled his last album campaign, and once it reaches the October 5th deadline it will go “in demand” and continue to grow until Muck releases the album in December. No official date has been announced yet, but he has guaranteed the fans who pre-order through his campaign will receive the album before it is publicly released on the major platforms (iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

But one of the coolest parts about reaching this goal is the release of the first-ever line of Muck Sticky pajama pants. And more than half of the pairs in this limited edition print were claimed in the first three days of becoming available for reservation. As most people know, Muck has been wearing pajama pants as his public attire for more that 4,800 consecutive days (not the same pair), and when he reaches day 5,000 he plans to host the world record pajama party. Exact date and location to be determined.

Two other goals were reached in this campaign for the new album “Wacky!”, one being the release of an acoustic compilation album called “The Basics” where Muck sits down with an acoustic guitar and strums his favorite songs from his first fifteen albums. Another goal reached was the release of “The Nasty Tapes”, a compilation of the naughtiest songs from the Muck Sticky catalog with a few additional tracks recorded specifically for this album. So instead of giving the fans just one new album, he is giving them three at once.

To read about Muck Sticky’s musical mission and watch the “I Call It A Gitbox” video, visit and take part in this revolutionary way for fans of Muck Sticky to support his new music. For more info about Muck Sticky visit and tune in to his nightly webcasts at 10pm CST on

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