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Do you chase your tail?

There once was a kitten in an alley chasing his tail around and around. Along comes an old alley cat who stops to watch this show for a while. Finally, the alley cat, with the curiosity best known to those of his kind, asks the kitten, “Why is it that you chase your tail so?”

Proudly, the kitten states, “I have just returned from Cat Philosophy School where I have learned two things. The first… thing I learned is that happiness is the most important thing. The second is that happiness is located at the end of my tail. I have determined that if I can just get a grip on my tail, I will have hold of happiness and never have to let it go.”

The old alley cat, wise beyond his years, laughs just a little, “I am not as fortunate as you have been. I never attended Cat Philosophy School. But I have also learned that happiness is the most important thing and that, indeed it is located in my tail. But I have discovered that instead of chasing it, if I just go about my business doing what it is I need to do, happiness will follow me everywhere I go.”