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The State of Muck Sticky address

I’ve done a lot of wild things in my days. I’ve made a lot of crazy songs that talk about a lot of crazy topics. But I have always come from a place of love. I am here to do good things in this world and bring joy to people. I’ve never promoted violence or destruction in any way. True, some of my material is appropriate for kids and some is only appropriate for adults. But I am no different than c…ountless other artists in our culture’s history who are commonly accepted by parents. I stand behind everything I’ve done, and everything I will ever do because I know that my intentions are always to bring joy to people. If you don’t want your kids listening to my adult material, that is understandable. But I recommend making sure they don’t watch the news or play first person shooter video games before being concerned with my sex & pot humor. Conditioning their minds with violence will do them much more harm than knowledge of drugs and sex will. Regardless of age, color, religion, class, political views, or anything else that normally divides people, I see the value of joy in humanity. In today’s world, there is much misery. Joy can be found in many different ways by many different kinds of people. Therefore, it requires many different methods delivering joy in order to reach the vast amounts of different people in the world. As I enter a new era of my life, I am expanding in new directions. My music, shows, and personality are shifting. There will be new sounds, content, and new feelings as I progress into the future. If you are a fan of our older style of music, that is perfectly okay. It is always there. If you are closed minded to new styles, feel free listen to the old stuff. But please don’t tell me I should or shouldn’t make the music I want to make. Because it is just that: Music I want to make! I must satisfy the song in my heart. If I continue to make the same kind of songs over and over because fans say so, I wouldn’t be true to myself. And that is what my true fans appreciate: Me being me! And I send lots of love to all of you! L.I.F.E. = Love Is Free Everyday!