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Get This! on June 28th

The fun-loving musician is back with a brand new album, and a brand new attitude! Fresh off the heels of 2010’s The Amazing Discovery, Muck embraces his confidence and drives full throttle into his future on June 28th with Get This!, a psychedelic merge of his original quirky sound and his funky fresh new vibe. Loving life as well as improving conditions are the fundamental essence of this cosmic eighteen song collection, and Muck further establishes himself as a feel-good pop-culture phenomenon.

Known for partying just as much as he is for motivating people to find their purpose in life, Muck Sticky brings a message of true acceptance for all people. No matter where you come from, what you’ve done, who you’ve slept with, or what color you are, you can still enjoy life and live it to the fullest according to Sticky. Life is here for us to live, so let’s live it up! This message can be appreciated by people from all walks of life, especially in this time of economic hardship. People just wanna get back to enjoying life again, and Muck Sticky is here with the soundtrack! This album is full of fun with songs like “Rocket Ship“, “Free To Be Me” & “That’s What’s Up“.

Confident yet humble, Muck represents what it means to paint your own picture in a world where so many things are carbon copied. He gives most of his inspirational credit to his fans. “They show me so much love, the least I can do is give them the best music I can possibly make. This album is intended to leave the listener feeling refreshed and inspired to adventure!” says Sticky.

Having worn pajama pants every day for more than eight years now, he is a rebel to the cookie-cutter conformity of modern society with his fashion sense as well as his music. Muck Sticky’s musical message is all about being yourself no matter what, and loving the life you have! Get This! for only $3.99 on Itunes 6-28-11. Catch Muck Sticky on tour throughout 2011. To set up an interview with Muck, visit here

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About My Music

I have always been a fan of music in general, not just specific genres. As I grow, I like to explore new areas of music and styles, while keeping my own flavor in my creative process. I still sing the old songs at concerts, and they are ALWAYS available for you to listen to. As life goes on, we change. We venture into new areas of thought and being. I can’t sing about the same things over and over again. That would be boring for both me and the fans. I am a complete different being than I was ten years ago. And ten years from now, I will be different too. Who knows, I may do a country/dance/salsa album in the future. But whatever I do, that is my choice. My true fans will support me and be open minded to new things. We here in the Muck Sticky Tribe focus on the positive side of things. I hope that message comes through in the music, no matter what style I choose to express myself with! LOTS OF LOVE!!!!

A look back at 2009

As I look back at 2009, I am very happy! Although the financial part of 2009 wasn’t the best, the learning part was. And trust me, there is much more to life than financial bullshit. There were so many experiences that helped evolve my consciousness to extraordinary levels, and I am truly grateful for all of them. The good AND the bad. I hope you can see your year the same way!

It is our choice to make each year better than the last. We are RESPONSIBLE for where our lives go, not the evening news. I encourage you to break free from the limitations that they have brainwashed you into thinking are real. The only limits are the ones you believe in!

This year, I was blessed to go the Grammy Awards for my first time, I starred in an MTV series and had my 1st music video play on MTV, & my fifth album has been wonderfully successful. I have met soooo many amazing souls during this calendar of my life, I was able to spend a lot of time with my loved ones, and now I walk confidently into 2010 knowing it will be even better than 2009!

Thank YOU for sharing this year with me, and get very excited about the new Muck Sticky year coming!!!!! You have NO IDEA what is in store!!!! It is AWESOME!!!!

Stay lifted!

Sleep on it!!

We’re often told, “You should sleep on it” before you make an important decision. Why is that? How does “sleeping on it” help your decision-making process?

Conventional wisdom suggests that by “sleeping on it,” we clear our minds and relieve ourselves of the immediacy (and accompanying stress) of making a decision. Sleep also helps organize our memories, process the information of the day, and solve problems. Such wisdom also suggests that conscious deliberation helps decision making in general. But new research suggests something else might also be at work — our unconscious. Click here to read more…