With seventeen albums, five compilations, two indie films, upwards of sixty music videos, more than two hundred-fifty million song and video streams worldwide, and a countless international fan base known as “The Tribe”, Muck Sticky’s feel-good-funky-fresh style of music is undeniably original.

In the year 2000, with money he earned from his manual labor jobs, he bought an eight-track recorder and began creating what would eventually become his first album. In January of 2001 he gave his first live performance at a battle of the bands concert in Memphis, TN. Since Muck recorded all of his songs alone, he decided to attach wigs, sunglasses, and fake instruments to six-foot tall floor lamps and call them his “band”. To this day he believes they were vital in winning second place that night.

After spending the next few years selling CDs at shows, parties, and corner stores, Muck joined Myspace in 2004 where he quickly gained viral success reaching over five million streams. He has since developed a social media following of over half a million fans with an average of 75k-100k monthly Spotify listeners. The recent viral hits, “Pot Smokin”, “F*ck Off” and “In Ya Neighborhood”, have together accumulated over fifty thousand fan-made videos reaching well over 100 million streams.

Well-recognized for his colorful sense of style as a recording artist, director of his own music videos, and fashion oddity due to his pants always being pajamas cut off at the calf, Muck is an underground multi-genre legend that has independently gained worldwide notoriety with his unique blend of comedy and music. He currently holds the world record for ‘most consecutive days wearing pajamas’ at over 7,700 days (not the same pair of course), clocking in at twenty-one years in July of 2023.

In 2009 he starred in MTV’s Emmy winning series ‘$5 Cover’ and has appeared on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, The View, Star Magazine, TMZ, LIFE, E! Fashion Police, High Times, The T.V. Guide Channel, The Hollywood Reporter, The LA Times, and many more.

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Muck Sticky comes from a long line of musicians. His great-grandparents founded one of the first gospel bluegrass quartets in 1929 known as The Wayfaring Singers, and both of his grandfathers were well known musicians. One was Gene Lowery of The Dixie Four who often recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis, and sang with artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Rich.

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