Higher Level

It’s official. The 15th full album from Muck Sticky will be released on 1/10/2020. Check out the track list below…

1. Again And Again
2. Do Yo Thang
3. High Like Me
4. The Best Thing
5. Ballin On Them Haters (ft Al Kapone & Latty)
6. Nice Dreams
7. Do You Love Me
8. Place In The World
9. I’ll Show You
10. Like This (ft Al Kapone)
11. Thanks Again

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Muck Sticky_HIGHER_LEVEL copy

Can You Rock It Like This?

After three years without a single music video, Muck Sticky has returned with some straight fire! Literally! His new music video “Like This” features rap legend Al Kapone,¬†and also features some amazing pyro!

Fresh off the heels of his hit film ‘Dig That, Zeebo Newton‘, Mucky Muck has reignited the music side of his career and his flames are only getting hotter. Look for this song to appear on his upcoming 2019 album ‘Higher Level’, and catch Muck performing his first hometown show since 2015 at this year’s Memphis In May Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN…