Muck Sticky Is My Friend

A viral phenomenon is taking place. As you may know, in 2009 we released an album called “Muck Sticky Is My Friend”. Recently, people have begun to leave these notes all around the world. And we get more and more every day…


fan note sidewalk chalk

fan note 5-12 E

fan note 6-3B

If you leave a note, please make sure to be respectful to nature. And send your pics to our page  so we can repost! Stay lifted!

Fear and Loathing at the Drive-In

Here is the music video “Gobbledygook”. This is by far the most epic music video of my career thus far. I am honored be part of such an amazing piece paying homage to such amazing men and this story. And to work with such an amazing crew. And John Pickle is AMAZING as Hunter S Thompson. Take a ride through bat country with us… #FearAndLoathing #Gobbledygook