Muck Sticky Signs Deal With Manager Doug Goldstein

January 15, 2015 – 1:15pm CST

After fifteen years of making and releasing music without any support from a manager, label, agent, or publicist, Memphis-based musician Muck Sticky has signed a five-year management deal with Doug Goldstein, owner of When Pigs Fly Entertainment.

Goldstein famously managed the worldwide phenomenon Guns N’ Roses for seventeen years. From the release of their first single, to selling over 150 million albums across the globe, Doug led the band through thick and thin while touring 40 nations across the globe, including selling out the Tokyo Dome an unheard of five times. Goldstein has also managed the careers of Blind Melon, Danzig, Xzibit, Anthrax, and more.

Before joining the Guns N’ Roses camp in 1987, Goldstein was a security guard for The Rolling Stones, and also handled security for numerous other bands such as Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Black Sabbath. He also handled security for eight NFL Super Bowls. “In all my years of traveling the globe, there is one constant amongst cultures. Humor cures all ailments. Muck Sticky has this uncanny ability to keep you laughing and feeling good. He’s brilliant and a BLAST to work with!” says Goldstein.

Since 2004, Muck Sticky has independently released 14 albums, over 40 music videos, and garnered over 15 million song/video views online. On 5/15/15, Sticky will release his fifteenth album “Dang!” and will also hit the road this spring joining forces with Afroman for the “Best Buds Tour”.

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BRAND NEW SONG: Walkin’ & Talkin’

Muck Sticky releases new song “Walkin’ & Talkin’” from his fifteenth album “Dang!”

(January 5th, 2015)

Over the past decade Muck Sticky has been independently bombarding the music world with his wacky brand of motivational comedy music, and has established a legion of dedicated fans who are continuously inspired by his never-ending positive attitude. On January 5th, Muck released a brand new track from his 15th album “Dang!” which is due out 5-15-15. Addressing topics like his enthusiasm for cannabis, Facebook stalkers, and his sexual promiscuity, Muck Sticky holds nothing back on the new song “Walkin’ & Talkin’”. Listen to the NSFW tune on SoundCloud below…

His songs are quirky and often provocative, but his underlying message is to enjoy life to the fullest and make the most of the time you have. Muck Sticky’s 14th album “The Brain Named Itself” (released 9/9/14) debuted at #64 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts. With over 15 million online plays, an ever-growing social network, and a music catalog that never seems to end, whatever Muck Sticky is doing is obviously working.

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The Brain Named Itself


SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 (MEMPHIS, TN) - Musical oddball Muck Sticky releases his fourteenth album The Brain Named Itself and it is highly anticipated by his legions of fans worldwide. Known for his brand of quirky songs, his outrageous behavior, and wearing colorful pajama pants as his public attire for more than 4,400 consecutive days now, Mucks new album merges feel-good motivational messages with sexual bravado and the advocacy of cannabis use.


Since 2001, Muck Sticky has been building a grass roots following that is impossible to calculate. Growing up in Memphis he was exposed to a wide variety of influences, and has developed a sound that infuses comedic and inspirational lyrics with classic pop, rap, bluegrass, and psychedelic rock music. With more than 150k social network followers, there is currently a fan-induced viral campaign happening where his supporters are posting creative #MuckStickyIsMyFriend notes all over the world.


With more than 14 Million Song/Video plays online, 33 music videos with over 4 million channel views on, he is just getting warmed up! To befriend Muck, visit Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @MuckSticky, and find everything on his official website To hear the new album for free on SoundCloud visit

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