I broke her heart, she broke my nose…

Let this be a lesson to all of you cheaters out there. Although we are social creatures and are naturally attracted to more than one person, certain cultures have developed a mental condition where some folks violently attack the people they “love” when their mate is attracted to someone else. Medical bills are expensive, but this advice is free. If you get yourself involved with one of those violent type folks, I suggest you keep your natural attractions suppressed. But I suggest you don’t get yourself involved in a serious relationship in the first place, if you are naturally attracted to multiple people. Although this song is done in fun, cheating is never the answer. And neither is domestic violence. If you need more advice, get my new album “Dang!”.


Muck Sticky’s 15th album has arrived!

The brand new Muck Sticky album “Dang!” is now available everywhere! 18 tracks of wild, fun, uncensored comedy music at its finest! Here is the track list…

1. Live This Life
2. Honey Buns
3. Rock On
4. Cut a Rug
5. Super Groovy
6. White Trash Superstar
7. I Broke Her Heart
8. Hold Your Hand
9. Chicken Nuggets
10. Awesome Sauce
11. Party Down South
12. Popcorn
13. Walkin & Talkin
14. Neked
15. Boogie Woogie Man
16. I.H.T.B.T.O.T.T.Y.I.D.F.Y.M.
17. Hang Out
18. The Music Provides

Get yours now on iTunes or visit the Muck Sticky store here


Muck Sticky’s 15th album “Dang!” lands this Friday (5-15-15)

Monday, May 11th, 2015 – Memphis, TN

Oddball musician Muck Sticky has been creating his wacky brand of music since 1999, and on May 15th, 2015, he returns with his wildest album yet. With fourteen albums and almost a million independent sales under his belt, Muck’s fifteenth album “Dang!” will be released worldwide through Select-O-Hits Distribution. And his fans couldn’t be more excited.

Known for his fun sound, colorful style, and his ability to mix controversial comedy with personal motivation, this native of Memphis, Tennessee embraces his southern lifestyle on this latest album with songs like “White Trash Superstar” and “Party Down South”, while keeping focus on the positive side of life with “Super Groovy” and “The Music Provides”. Over the last sixteen years, countless people have shared stories of how Muck’s music turned their life around when they were at their darkest times. Music did the same thing for Muck, so that’s why he keeps things upbeat. With over 20 million song/video views online, it seems to be working.

“I like music that makes me feel good. Whether it’s a motivational song, or a raunchy comedy song, I want to feel good when I hear it. Not depressed. So that’s why I make the kind of music I make.” Muck says. “People often ask me what genre my music is, but I don’t know how to answer them. I am inspired by all kinds of music, so there’s really no way to categorize it. Its just music.”

Earlier this year Muck Sticky signed a management deal with Doug Goldstein (Guns n’ Roses, Blind Melon), and his most recent album “The Brain Named Itself” (2014) debuted at #64 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts. You can preview “Dang!” now, as well as find Muck Sticky’s fourteen other albums on iTunes here. For interviews or more info visit MuckSticky.com. You can also find Muck on Facebook.com/MuckSticky as well as YouTube.com/MuckStickyTV, and on Twitter & Instagram @MuckSticky


Muck and the Duck Adventure


I just had a beautiful & amazing experience! As I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot at the corner of Kirby Whitten & Stage in my home town Bartlett, TN, I saw a woman had stopped traffic on Stage Road to help a momma duck & her 14 babies finish crossing the road. So I went to help the babies get up the curb & once they got across the sidewalk, they all huddled under a bush. There was nowhere for them to go in the direction they were headed without crossing parking lots & more busy streets. I couldn’t let them die. By then several people stopped to help. So we got a box, put the babies in it & tried to coax the mom to join them. But instead she flew back across Stage Rd & over the Auto Zone building. I remembered there was a pond behind there, & that’s probably where they were coming from originally. So I put the box with the babies in my vehicle & swiftly drove over to the pond. Just when I got to the pond & set the box down to let the babies out, the mom flew away heading back toward the spot where we found them. The babies were all huddled on the ground beside the box, so I just knelt down & made a space under my knees where they could feel safe (pictured here). One of the ladies who had been helping came over & said the mom was still sitting by the bush at Walgreens. So she took the box back to see if she could get the mom to get in the box, while I sat by myself with the other babies on the bank of the pond. After about 30 minutes, another family of ducks came strolling along the bank. So I took all the babies down to the bank to see if they would join the others. But by the time I got them all into the water, the other momma chased them away & now the babies were all huddled by themselves in the middle of the pond. So I jumped in my car & drove back to Walgreens to see if I could find the mom. She was still sitting in the same spot by the bush, so I got out & tried to capture her with a blanket but she took flight. I chased her halfway across Stage & saw that she was heading back to the pond. So I jumped in the car & when I got back to the pond, there was the momma & her 14 babies safely together again!!! A momma & her ducklings live to see another day!