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Muck Sticky Helps People Tell Negativity To “F Off”

Everyone knows the feeling of wanting to tell someone to “eff off”. And comedy-music pioneer Muck Sticky has given people the voice to do it by lip-syncing his song ‘F**k Off’ on social media. Since first going viral on TikTok in the summer of 2021, the current surge in popularity is the biggest thus far with over 30 million streams between January 24th and February 13nd, 2024, and it’s all without any help from a record label.

On February 8th, 2024, his song “F Off” entered the iTunes charts and within 48 hours rose to #4 in US Hip Hop, #2 UK Hip Hop, #2 AUS Hip Hop, and #60 of All Genres in the US. It also reached #23 in Trending Reels on Instagram. The song has become an international dance/lip-sync trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

First released in 2016, the song now has over 30,000 videos made with creators using it to lip-sync their own performance as well as blind react to the lyrics, and the cumulative views on those videos along with streaming platforms numbers in the 100 million range on the song.

And it continues to gain momentum. One of Muck’s recent posts on Instagram where he reacts to well-known creator Kay Squad’s lip-sync video of the song reached 4.5 million views in the first week of being posted.

“It’s an anthem for people of today. Everyone has problems in life that make them want to tell the whole word to “eff off”, and this song gives them a humorous way to do it that ends up making them laugh instead of being mad at whatever they were upset about. It’s a release of negative emotions when they do the dance/lip-sync. It seems to be a very cathartic experience for people.” says Muck.

Muck Sticky also saw a huge popularity spike in 2023 from his song ‘Pot Smokin’ with its iconic opening line “I love smoking Marijuana” being used in over 25,000 reels between IG and TikTok with over 50 million streams worldwide.

Check out “Muck Sticky F**k Off” on most any platform, and watch the videos on his Instagram profile @MuckSticky and @TheMuckSticky on TikTok.

For more info or interviews visit MuckSticky.COM or email MuckStickyPR@gmail.COM

“The Best Around” Tour 2024

We are BEYOND EXCITED to announce “THE BEST AROUND” Tour 2024 featuring Muck Sticky & Bonzai!!! A hip-hop-comedy-rock-reggae-dance party concert like no other!! Where do you want to see us play this year? Send this video to the music venue or festival you wanna see us come rock the socks off of and tell them to book us. Check our website for continuously updated tour dates. See y’all soon! Get ready for the PARTY of the year! It’s THE BEST AROUND!!!

Muck Sticky Returns Home

After more than FIVE YEARS in Memphis, and on 4/20 it will be EXACTLY ELEVEN YEARS since the last headlining show at The New Daisy, we are bringing the nostalgia back to the hometown with a show BIGGER than ever before! And of course, we had to invite our brother band BONZAI! (formerly Taco & Da Mofos) to join us for old time’s sake. Get your tickets NOW by clicking HERE because this show WILL SELL OUT. And for VIP packages email MuckStickyTribe(at)…