Howdy friends!

I know I’ve been a little absent here on the blog lately, but we’ve been working really hard behind the scenes to bring you some fun stuff.

Our movie has been doing really well in the festival stage, having had six official selections, four nominations, and won two awards…


We are still working to secure distribution, and hope to have a release date for you soon. Please stay tuned to Facebook.com/ZeeboNewton for regular updates.

We are also in the early stages of bringing to life our 20th album. No title has been decided yet, but I promise to keep you posted as things progress. Thank you for your dedication and support. This is going to be a FUN YEAR!!!!

Much love,

Amazing news!!

We are very excited to announce that our movie ‘Dig That, Zeebo Newton’ is an OFFICIAL SELECTION of The IndieFEST Film Awards for 2018. This is our first official selection, and we want to thank all of the friends & fans who have supported this movie along the way. The journey continues! Please stay tuned…

Dig That Zeebo Newton OFFICIAL SELECTION - The IndieFEST Film Awards - 2018

Making Movies

Howdy folks. I’ve been a little absent here on MuckSticky.com lately because I’ve been solely focused on bringing our movie ‘Dig That, Zeebo Newton’ to life. We’ve had a great production so far, and things are moving forward smoothly. Yesterday we had a great story featured as a headline on CommercialAppeal.com, and it will be in the print version of The Commercial Appeal tomorrow (Friday).  Click HERE to read the full story, and keep up-to-date on the movie by visiting ZeeboNewton.com and Facebook.com/ZeeboNewton

Thanks a bazillion! Much love! Keep the good vibes circulating! Stay lifted!

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Happy New Year!

Wow! What a year! So much has happened. So much has changed. I feel like there has been an equal amount of awesomeness and suckassness. Many folks have left this world, while many folks remain. While we miss those who are no longer here, we have so many people we love still with us to celebrate life with. And I am truly and overwhelmingly thankful for those who are still here. We also have memories of those who have passed that will live on forever in our hearts and minds. Let their memories bring us joy and inspire us to appreciate our time even more, and improve our experiences with each other every day by choosing love over hate. I’ve got a feeling that if we take each day as it comes and proactively put forth effort to continually become the best version of ourselves that we can be, while helping those around us do the same, we will see a much better trip around the sun this go-round. Here’s to 2017! Much love and many blessings to everyone! Keep the good vibes circulating!

Exclusive Access

Facebook has been limiting the reach of my posts lately, which has caused me some great difficulty in progressing my music. So I’ve decided to start a brand new page that not only gives you direct exclusive access to brand new music, videos, and more, but it also enables me to keep doing what I love to do. Are you down to join me? Check it out at Patreon.com/MuckSticky

Thanks a bazillion! Keep the good vibes circulating! Stay lifted!

SURPRISE! A Brand New Album

'Welcome Surprise' CD - $10

‘Welcome Surprise’

On Friday November 18th, 2016, legendary independent recording artist Muck Sticky surprise-released his brand-new, nineteenth album ‘Welcome Surprise’ to his unsuspecting fans. Known for blending outrageous comedic lyrics with motivational and uplifting messages on top of his own quirky, southern style of beats and melodies, Muck’s funky sound keeps getting bigger and better with each album.

Since 2001, Muck Sticky has been creating his own world of music and videos, and become a legend in the hearts of his fans. When you hear a Muck Sticky song, you know it’s a Muck Sticky song. Colorful, quirky, and full of surprises, this weird and wacky wordsmith from Memphis, Tennessee has garnered over 25 million song/video streams online, sold over 1 million digital downloads, and has done it all without a manager, label, agent, or publicist.

He speaks to his audience in a way no other artist does. Not afraid to be completely vulnerable and say things nobody else will, his ability to deliver humor with a nifty lyrical flow gives listeners a welcome respite from all of the negativity in the world today. One of the most common sayings among his fans is “you can’t listen to a Muck Sticky album without smiling and feeling good”. And this new album is no exception. Listen to the entire album for free on his YouTube.com/MuckStickyTV channel, and find it on most every music platform including iTunes and Spotify.

Download on iTunes here.

Visit MuckSticky.com for more info and follow him on Twitter & Instagram: @MuckSticky.

For interviews, email MuckStickyPR@gmail.com

Here is the YouTube playlist…

New song ‘Fuck Off’

Coming today at Noon CST is the brand new song ‘Fuck Off’ from the new album ‘Wonderful Surprise’. And you can now get the shirt here…

Muck Sticky "Fuck Off" T-Shirt - $19.99

Muck Sticky “Fuck Off” T-Shirt – $19.99