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Fear and Loathing at the Drive-In

Here is the music video “Gobbledygook”. This is by far the most epic music video of my career thus far. I am honored be part of such an amazing piece paying homage to such amazing men and this story. And to work with such an amazing crew. And John Pickle is AMAZING as Hunter S Thompson. Take a ride through bat country with us… #FearAndLoathing #Gobbledygook

Coming 11-12-13…Brand New Album…Fantasterrific

The king of fun is back with a brand new album titled “Fantasterrific, or “a fresh batch of music for the freaky folks” as Muck Sticky states on the track “Just Do It”. Known for his unmistakable brand of “feel-good” music, Muck promises his fourteenth collection of songs will bring a smile to the face of every listener.

While songs like “Gobbledygook”, “Nifty”, and “Muck Dynasty” are of the traditional wild Muck Sticky flavor, he takes it to a new level on this album with songs like “Love Song Romance” and “Cool Breeze”.  “As time goes on and I grow as an artist, I find myself interested in exploring musical territories I’ve never ventured into before. I am a fan of all genres of music, so I enjoy incorporating many styles of music into my world” says Muck.

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Download “Fantasterrific” on iTunes on 11-12-13…

4,000 Days in Pajamas

Musician Muck Sticky Celebrates 4,000 Consecutive Days of Wearing Pajama Pants

June 5th, 2013
For Immediate Release:




Memphis, TN – On Saturday, June 22nd, comedic musician Muck Sticky will host a Pajama Party Concert at the New Daisy Theatre to celebrate his 4,000th consecutive day of wearing pajama pants as his normal attire.




Muck began wearing his signature style of “pajama pants cut off at the calf” more than eleven years ago, but he remembers July 1st 2002 as the last day he wore normal pants. “At my best friend’s funeral, the slacks I wore tore apart at the seams. It was bizarre. He and I had been wearing pajamas every day for about a year before he passed, and we were both ‘pro-comfort’ kind of guys. So I felt like he was sending me a message. I decided that day I would continue the comfortable lifestyle of wearing pajama pants as my normal attire, and dedicate myself to helping others feel good through fun music.”




Muck Sticky is known for mixing a wild party lifestyle with a message of inspiration and motivation in his songs. Although his lyrics are often considered controversial, Muck never promotes violence or hate and is always encouraging his listeners to have fun and “stay lifted” with his uplifting posts on To those who think his music is too naughty Muck says “It’s essential to relate to folks in a language they understand in order to have a positive influence. Especially young folks! So that’s what I do.”




Memphis based “good time party band” Taco & Da Mofos will also be performing that night in support of their upcoming album “Suns of Beaches”. For more info visit their website

Doors for the Pajama Party open at 7P.M. on June 22nd at the New Daisy Theatre located at 330 Beale Street in Memphis, TN. General Admission tickets are $10 at or at the door day of show if they aren’t sold out.




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Get This!

Tuesday, June 28th 2011
The fun-loving musician Muck Sticky is back with his tenth album Get This!, and when asked what kind of music he makes Muck simply states “mm… it’s various”. Fresh off the heels of 2010’s The Amazing Discovery, Muck embraces his confidence and drives full throttle into his future with a psychedelic merge of his original quirky sound and contemporary vibe. Loving life, dancing & singing, as well as improving living conditions are the fundamental essence of this feel-good song collection. Having self-produced ninety-nine percent of the 150+ songs in the Muck Sticky catalog, Muck worked with Paul Crosby (drummer of the band Saliva) on the production of this new album. “Muck Sticky’s relentless drive and undying perseverance has made a huge mark in the music world” says Paul. “This album sums up all of his years of hard work and all heart attitude.” Click here to preview the entire album on CD Baby.

Known for partying just as much as he is for motivating people to find their purpose in life, Muck Sticky brings a message of true acceptance for all people. No matter where you come from, what you’ve done, who you’ve slept with, or what color you are, you can still enjoy life and live it to the fullest according to Sticky. Life is here for us to live, so let’s live it up! This message can be appreciated by people from all walks of life, especially in this time of economic hardship. People just wanna get back to enjoying life again, and Muck Sticky is here with the soundtrack! This album is full of fun with songs like “Rocket Ship“, “Free To Be Me” & “That’s What’s Up“. You can hear all three at

Confident yet humble, Muck represents what it means to paint your own picture in a world where so many things are carbon copied. He gives most of his inspirational credit to his fans. “They show me so much love, the least I can do is give them the best music I can possibly make. I love them and they love me. Together we are a powerful force!” says Sticky. Having worn pajama pants every day for more than eight years now, he is a rebel to the cookie-cutter conformity of modern society with his fashion sense as well as his music. Muck Sticky’s musical message is all about being yourself no matter what, and loving the life you have! Catch Muck Sticky on tour throughout 2011.

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